In the Shadow of Wellywood

A micro-cinema installation. 

As part of AURA 2019 Mike Heynes was commissioned to present an installation which transformed the former Rinnai Plumbing Showroom into a micro-cinema. In the Shadow of Wellywood consisted of a movie of the same name presented within the staged environment of of six fold-up cinema seats, a 4:3 ratio projection screen, speakers and stands.

The film presented an animated Hollywood studio tour using Heynes’ familiar props; a series of second hand Hollywood action figures salvaged from charity shops in Newtown. Featuring such names as ‘Laura Dern’ and ‘Tommy Lee Jones’ the characters embark on a horror tour through Hollywood back lots, encountering paranormal activities, ghouls and demented amalgams of Hollywood stars.

Also in the same room were two works by Pippy McClenaghan and Anna Brimer with Max Fleury. The three works were presented as a week long installation also under the group title In the Shadow of Wellywood. All three artists referenced a love hate relationship to popular and commercial culture.
Featuring work by:

Mike Heynes
Pippy McClenaghan
Anna Brimer with Max Fleury


In The Shadow of Wellywood (2019) - Mike Heynes


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