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Artist Cinema Commissions 2020

Curated by David Teh

The premiere of CIRCUIT’s 2020 Artist Cinema Commissions include 5 new works by 5 artists from from Aotearoa and the Philippines.

Curated by Singapore-based academic and curator David Teh, each artist was given two concepts as prompts from which to create a new work. 

The first idea, Pacific Concretism, seeks to explore 'errant modernisms' - artworks at junctions between traditional forms of visual art and other forms such as experimental literature. A second idea, Sovereignty, asks; what would a Sovereign Pacific artwork look like outside of traditional Western ideas of influence and form?

The resulting five works were completed amidst the complexities of Covid 19, but also engage with the scale of history that extends before colonisation, and sometimes into the realm of science fiction.

Rangituhia Hollis’ work is a kaleidoscopic animation that begins with the voice of a lone driver observing the passage of the moon in the night sky. From a personal and poetic beginning, the film moves to surreal, vivid scenes of molecular forms and a domestic interior flooded by water.

Ana Iti reworks two 19th century editions of the Māori language newspaper Te Pīpīwharauroa to build an experimental narrative which explores ideas around language and understanding.

Alex Monteith has responded to the brief with an ambitious essay film. Set between Moana-nui-a-Kiwa and the Atlantic, it explore neo-colonial issues from commercial ocean exploration to local foreshore management at Piha.

Sione Monu’s video presents a subtly different everyday world,
imagined as if Tonga had never encountered influence from the West. In this alternate universe crystals are the main export/import in Tonga economy, and the main signifier of this alternate world is costume.

The fifth artist in the programme, Gary-Ross Pastrana, is a Filipino artist based in Manila. Pastrana’s work takes known objects and subjects them to processes which reinvent their identity, materiality and image.

David Teh will introduce the screening via Zoom, from his home in Singapore. David Teh first visited Aotearoa in 2018 where he was researching Aotearoa artists for possible inclusion in international projects. He has been working remotely with CIRCUIT since 2019. He has also curated the accompanying Symposium, which expands upon the ideas raised in the Commission programme with a range of artist and academic speakers.

Commissioned annually by CIRCUIT since 2015, the Artist Cinema Commissions ask contemporary artists who normally work in the gallery to make a work for cinema. The resulting works have toured to London Film Festival, Berlin Film Festival and art galleries across Aotearoa, opening up new audiences for local artists.

All the works in the 2020 programme were made in the context of Covid 19, and address urgent questions about political change, the redrawing of public and private spaces, and imagined futures.

Friday 23 October
Pātaka Art + Museum, Porirua
Free Admission

New works by:

Rangituhia Hollis
Ana Iti
Alex Monteith
Sione Monu
Gary-Ross Pastrana

IMAGE: Rangituhia Hollis, Across the face of the moon (2020). Commissioned by CIRCUIT with the support of Creative New ZealandIMAGE: Rangituhia Hollis, Across the face of the moon (2020). Commissioned by CIRCUIT with the support of Creative New Zealand


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